August 25th, 2004

Cedar Street Restaurant - sturbridge

we stumbled across a great little restaurant in sturbridge this week. The Cedar Street Restaurant in Strubridge. The food was really delicious, the atmosphere cozy, and the service excellent.

The food was sort of 'fusion', ranging from classic steaks to Jamaican Jerk Swordfish. They had great vegetarian options as well. Entrees averaged in the $20 range. The decor was classy and simple (i believe it was recently redecorated), but i really enjoyed sitting outside on the stone pattio. I don't profess to be a great food writer, so i won't go into too many details... but my absolute favorite part of the meal was the dessert - Honey and vanilla bean panna cotta with fig syrup. wow, was it good!

i just thought i'd throw that out there; if you are looking for a nice, romantic meal or just something new and different to try.
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