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Where Can I Get Some Grub?
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Tuesday, August 1st, 2006

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The best PIZZA in Worcester IS......

As a new resident of Woo-town, I have been dying for a good hunk of late-night delivery cheesy crispy pizza!!!!! Last night I didn't know what to do and ended up eating Papa Ginos, which made me sad, just because it is near my house and I was hungry.

I live extremely close to the intersection of 122 (Chandler Street) and Pleasant Street in Worcester, and I am including this information because it is important to me to find a place very close to where I live, preferbly that delivers. Excellent mozzerella sticks are also very key.

I love the Corner Grill, which I can basically walk to, but they have early hours and none of that greasy side-order goodness, like the aforementioned mozz sticks or fries.
SO, fellow food lovers, where do I go????

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