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A favorite topic of Mikey's... Pizza! Where do people feel are good places to get Pizza in central Mass? I'm particularly fond of the Wonderbar, especially since I'm not very fond of greasy greek pizza (though Paul and Tech have a special place in my heart and my stomach), and that seems to be most of what you find in Worcester. But, where else is good? Boomer's used to be freakin faboo, but then the new owners changed it around when it was bought a couple years ago...

In any other town I probably wouldn't order Domino's, but compared to what's normally available, it's almost preferable.
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re: dominos': *stab! stabby-stab!*

ok, that aside, i ditto the Wonderbar for mikecap's style preference pizzas. and ditto tech for the not-on-the-menu pastrami and yellow mustard pizza.

but my personal favorite is Central Pizza in Southbridge. it's Greek style, which seems to be the dominant form in this area. you'd be suprised how a simple hamburger pizza from them is so good.

also, there's a weirdpizza place in Webster that i keep hearing rave reviews about. something about a "Taco Pizza" that's teh RULE. i think it's called Ethan's Pizza.

ok, all this talk of food has made me hungry.
If all else fails, I go to Bertucci's - they're at least consistent and have some good toppings. Pizzeria Regina also falls into this category of "at least it's not greek and greasy". Ziti's in Westborough also has good pizza and calzones.

not all greek style pizza is supergreasy; i hope you don't equate the two. (if it was, i couldn't eat it.)
There's always a minimum amount of grease, because the crust is really fried and oily... some are less greasy than others.

I actually like Dominoes - I know, that's some kind of sin. I never liked Tech's pizzas very much - I generally got their subs, which i liked a lot.

Golden Pizza seems to be pretty good in Worcester.
Golden isn't bad... they've got at least three shops around Worcester. My last two flats (including the current one) are within delivery ranges of two of them.

Currently, our favorite is American Pie on Central Street in Worcester. They have a terrific pesto and chicken pizza, and my wife fell in love with their ham and pineapple calzone. Good steak subs there as well.

Up until recently, we were also in love with Moonstruck Pizza at Newton Square. However, they were recently sold, and the place's future is uncertain.
I've been wanting to try American Pie, especially the breakfast pizza! They're top on my "to try" list. :)

George's Pizza in Sturbridge is very good. I know there's another George's but i haven't been there.
also: Brother's pizza in Southbridge.
both places do greasy Greek stuff, but it's good, and you can hear people speak Greek in both also
What's the name of the pizza place in Auburn that has Rachel's favorite pizza? That white 3 cheese pizza with the garlic...?

That would be Quality Pizza, and yes, it really is quite good (though greasy, as the poster suggests).