Mike Caprio (mikecap) wrote in central_ma_eats,
Mike Caprio

Breaking the Fast

Where do people like to go for breakfast food in Central MA? One of my favorite spots is Arthur's NY Bagel Deli on Gold Star Boulevard in Worcester - it's cheap, delicious, and the bagels are just plain great.

Lincoln Plaza is a kind of late night breakfast mecca with the Bickford's on one side and the Denny's on the other. And of course there's all the diners in town...

Anyone have a good hole in the wall spot they want to talk about?
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I like the Kenmore near Washington Square and Posner Square. Good food, good prices. Rebuilt since the warehouse fire.
My parents like The Spa in Holden. Not actually sure if that's its real name or not, that's how they refer it.
I used to go to Bravo on Highland Street once in a while. However, the past few times that we've tried to go there on a Sunday morning, it's been shut.
My wife and I also like Riley's on Lincoln Street. Again, good food, good prices, and we can walk there easily, since it's right up the street from our flat.
i used to like the kenmore, but it seems like it's tried to clone Denny's after the rebuild. wider menu selection but the experience suffers overall. :/

of course, that just comes out sounding like "i like how it usta be, back in teh DAY." but it's meant as an honest critique.
I think it is just called 'the spa'. it's tiny, but good.
Benahn's (sp?) on Water Street has amazing bagels; you know it's good because they sell out by like 7am.

There's a place on Grafton St. called Razzberries that has very very good pancakes. Everything else there is of good quality, but the pancakes are top-notch.

French toast at the Boulevard Diner on Shrewsbury St. is always wonderful...
The Living Earth in Worcester just started doing Brunch on weekends, and it's good, not to mentin all natural and (depending on what you get) healthy.

they have a full range of vegetarian and vegan options too which is nice.
Chaipuccino on Pleasant Street (corner of Willard Ave) is also doing brunch on weekends - I haven't tried it yet, but I really really want to, as everything else I've eaten there is quite good.

J's at the Nashoba Winery is also incredibly excellent for brunch, but the Bistro at Cyprian Keyes is kind of bleh.

I tried the food at Arthurs and was thoroughly disgusted... I got regular breakfasty type items and a bagel, eggs were overcooked to the point of separation, pancakes and syrup had a bitter/nasty aftertaste with a not to good first taste...

I could not possibly been more disappointed, but the bagel was ok

Maybe I just don't like NY style food, cause I got that vomitous feeling after eating there

I actually gave most of the food back, and complained, but still paid
there is a great little palce open only til 2 in Sterling called "Country side Cafe". its on rts 140/62 junction. its a great place for breakfast foods, especially good muffins and omlettes, but they also serve a few sandwhichy type things too. its worth the drive from worcester, i tihnk....but then again. its only a 5 min drive from my house, maybe im biased.
Just before Arthur's bagels, on the left hand side of Goldstar Blvd. The diner is classic greasy spoon food. Perfect for Sunday and Saturday morning hangovers and cheap, tastyness.