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brick oven pizza; Sturbridge

i just tried a new place in Sturbridge (or, i *think* it's new) called Enrico's Brick Oven Pizza. pretty good. you can sit at a mini-counter and watch them make the pizzas, it's a semi-open-kitchen style.

pizzas are that thin-crust cooked-with-bricks-and-fire style. there are several specialty pizzas, i'll keep y'all posted on them. it's more senor mikecap's style than most of the places i'd normally recommend. (*prod*prod*mikey go there*prod*)

overall it rates an "i'm going to go back" and a "yum".
any of you pizza purists who consider Domino's a haven of pizza-Heathens should definitely try this place.
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any pesto? i loved a pizza from CPK, but they stoped carrying it, and im trying to find a place to make it for my lazy ass instead of making it myself. its pesto, sundried toms, shrimp, olives, feta, and yummy as all get out. anywhooo. thanks for the tid bit. im going to try it out once i get my license back.