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Do NOT go to Franco's Pizza in Worcester!

This evening, we were going to order from Franco's Pizza at 1105 West Boylston Street in Worcester, as we usually do when C's Mom comes up for a visit.

No longer.

We called to place a delivery order. We were abruptly told that they would not deliver to us as it was too far. Apparently the new menu describes a five mile radius, and we were outside the five miles. The old menus stated what regions they would deliver to, and an $8 minimum. Nothing about a radius.
I checked Google Maps... we are 5.4 miles away from them --- if you take I190 to I290/Lincoln Street exit. However, if you take the more direct route of W Boylston St to Burncoat St to Lincoln St, we're only 3.6 miles.

Now, in the original call, C got to speak with the owner, who was very rude, very condescending, and highly unpleasant to speak to. We were then advised that if we were to make a $50 order, he may consider delivering to us. He also stated that the policy had always been in effect -- therefore, he should have known that we were within the "ever-present" five mile radius. He also told us that we had not placed an order with him in the past 60 days --- which is absolute bull, as the last two orders that we placed were two or three weekends ago. I remember my orders very well. When C had told him of those two orders, his response was to inform her that she must have called from somebody else (as if she was too stupid to remember). So we had him check for her mother's mobile number -- which he said wasn't in his records either.

We've been customers of theirs for several years, and have always tipped over 20% to the driver. We were good customers, never had a complaint about the service or the food.
Again, no longer.

So, after checking the distance, I called him back and advised him of this, and also told the owner that I was not very happy with the way that he spoke to my wife, believing her to be a pushover and a moron. He then said that he would take our order and that "we will see how far you are." I asked him, "How do I know your driver will take the shorter route?" He basically responded with a tone that suggested that I would just have to trust him. The owner's attitude was that he just didn't care how he spoke to her or to me, and also if he didn't have our business. I told him flat out that I would never order from his business again, and that I would be advising all of my friends who live within his so-called "five mile radius" not to darken his doorstep if this is the way he wants to treat long-time loyal customers.

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