Cedar Street Restaurant - sturbridge

we stumbled across a great little restaurant in sturbridge this week. The Cedar Street Restaurant in Strubridge. The food was really delicious, the atmosphere cozy, and the service excellent.

The food was sort of 'fusion', ranging from classic steaks to Jamaican Jerk Swordfish. They had great vegetarian options as well. Entrees averaged in the $20 range. The decor was classy and simple (i believe it was recently redecorated), but i really enjoyed sitting outside on the stone pattio. I don't profess to be a great food writer, so i won't go into too many details... but my absolute favorite part of the meal was the dessert - Honey and vanilla bean panna cotta with fig syrup. wow, was it good!

i just thought i'd throw that out there; if you are looking for a nice, romantic meal or just something new and different to try.
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Good central MA eating deals from the Entertainment Book

I don't normally shill for anybody, but buying the Central Massachusetts coupon book from Entertainment.com was a really, really good deal. I paid $15.00 for it, and I've practically already gotten that money back in food discounts (a free $10.00 dinner at T Sam's and a free $2.50 pretzel from the mall).

In addition to providing cut out paper coupons for various restaurants, they also have a discount card for ongoing standing offers at various eateries. The coupons are great - usually in the form of "buy one entree, get one free". To name a few places with coupons like these: Tortilla Sam's, The Restaurant at Tatnuck Bookseller, The Garden Cafe at Living Earth. There's a whole bunch more, and that's just places to eat - they also have movie ticket discount coupons and admissions discounts (buy one get one free) to places like the WAM, Tower Hill Botanical Garden, Davis Mega Maze, and more.

If people are interested, I can refer your email to the site, and you'll get a $5.00 discount on purchasing the book (it's normally $20.00, that's how I got it for $15.00 from a link my mom sent me). Reply here and I'll set you up.

[EDIT: Apologies, it's actually a retail of $25.00 for the book, with a $10.00 discount - ergo, it's still $15.00 for the book]

brick oven pizza; Sturbridge

i just tried a new place in Sturbridge (or, i *think* it's new) called Enrico's Brick Oven Pizza. pretty good. you can sit at a mini-counter and watch them make the pizzas, it's a semi-open-kitchen style.

pizzas are that thin-crust cooked-with-bricks-and-fire style. there are several specialty pizzas, i'll keep y'all posted on them. it's more senor mikecap's style than most of the places i'd normally recommend. (*prod*prod*mikey go there*prod*)

overall it rates an "i'm going to go back" and a "yum".
any of you pizza purists who consider Domino's a haven of pizza-Heathens should definitely try this place.
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Breaking the Fast

Where do people like to go for breakfast food in Central MA? One of my favorite spots is Arthur's NY Bagel Deli on Gold Star Boulevard in Worcester - it's cheap, delicious, and the bagels are just plain great.

Lincoln Plaza is a kind of late night breakfast mecca with the Bickford's on one side and the Denny's on the other. And of course there's all the diners in town...

Anyone have a good hole in the wall spot they want to talk about?


A favorite topic of Mikey's... Pizza! Where do people feel are good places to get Pizza in central Mass? I'm particularly fond of the Wonderbar, especially since I'm not very fond of greasy greek pizza (though Paul and Tech have a special place in my heart and my stomach), and that seems to be most of what you find in Worcester. But, where else is good? Boomer's used to be freakin faboo, but then the new owners changed it around when it was bought a couple years ago...

In any other town I probably wouldn't order Domino's, but compared to what's normally available, it's almost preferable.
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